Your rental vehicle will normally be supplied to you with a substantial fuel in the tank. If the vehicle has been returned with the fuel level less than what it was rented at, than the following below charges will apply for each level depending upon the car group i.e.

● Group A, B and C : KWD 0.500 Per Level 
● Group D and E : KWD 0.750 Per Level 
● Group G : KWD 1/- Per Level 
● Group F, O, P : KWD 1.500 Per Level 
● Group I, J, K, L, M, N : KWD 2/- Per Level

Can I Add additional drivers ?.

Additional drivers are allowed, though they must meet the minimum age requirements, present a valid driver's license and credit card, and have a clean driving record.

The cost for an Additional Driver is :
● KWD 2/- Per Day. 
● KWD 12/- Per Week (7 days). Each Extra Day KD 1.500 
● KWD 40/- Per Month (28 days). Each Extra Day KD 1/-